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Our Basic Sailing Skipper’s Package combines the US SAILING Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising classes to get you and/or that special someone confidently and competently skippering boats up to 35′! Plus we give you a Bay Cruising Workshop to orient you to sailing and cruising the bay.

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We’re including MEMBERSHIP initiation!

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Winter Skipper’s Package Includes:

  • Basic Keelboat Class, Regularly $1000
  • Basic Cruising Class, Regularly $1295
  • Bay Cruising Workshop, $75
  • Club Nautique Basic Membership Initiation Fee*, $750
  • One year US SAILING Membership, $65
  • BBYC Associate Membership

Package Value: over $3,500
NOW ONLY $1,495!


Alameda: (510) 865-4700 
Sausalito: (415) 332-8001

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*Offer expires 04/30/2017 – One year membership contract required. $79/mo dues not included in package begin 01 April 2017. Pro-rated $75/year insurance premium not included in package.

Basic Sailing Skippers Package

The purpose of this package of courses is to teach someone with limited or no experience all that is necessary to safely skipper sailboats up to 35′ on San Francisco Bay or on other somewhat protected waters. This 8 1/2 day, 67-hour (including Bay Cruising Workshop) course combines both our Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising classes, and will culminate in achieving both of these challenging US SAILING certifications. If you require extra practice to pass, then we will provide additional training at no extra cost!

The first 4-days (BK – Basic Keelboat) are taught on 26′ Colgates with tiller-steering and outboard engines for auxiliary power. Nimble and responsive, yet stable and safe, these sailboats are ideal trainers upon which to learn all the basics of sailing. From rigging and nomenclature through all the basic maneuvers to docking and crew-overboard drills, this course will form the foundation upon which all your later skills will be built.

The next 4-days (BC – Basic Cruising) are taught on 29′-32′ cruising sailboats equipped with wheel steering and inboard diesel engines. In this class we will transfer your skills to these larger vessels, suitable for day sailing with up to 8 guests or overnight or short cruises for a family or two to three couples. You will develop proficiency in heavy weather sailing, anchoring, basic navigation and the full range of skills necessary to have full competence and confidence to skipper independently.

Upon completion of the course, you may attend a Bay Cruising Workshop to learn more about cruising San Francisco Bay in particular, and cruise planning and execution in general as well as pointers on how to sail most economically. The Club Nautique Cruising Skipper’s Package includes all textbooks, supplemental training materials, US SAILING Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising certifications and your first year membership in US SAILING.


  • Basic Keelboat Course (4 days/32hrs/26′ Colgates),
  • Basic Keelboat Test & Certification,
  • Basic Cruising Course,(4 days/32 hrs/29′-35′ sloops),
  • Basic Cruising Test & Certification,
  • US SAILING Membership,
  • US SAILING Logbook and Textbooks,
  • Course guaranteed (Free Review days until you pass),
  • Stay aboard class boats each night (optional),
  • 3 hour Bay Cruising Workshop,

You have 30 days after you are certified to apply 100% of the cost of your lesson toward either a Bareboat, Passage Maker, or Ultimate Club Nautique Membership.

Formats Offered

  • Weekday Classes:
    Monday through Thursday 0830-1630 for BK and 0900-1700 for BC. (Requires 4 straight days for BK and 4 straight days for BC.)
  • Weekend Classes:
    Saturday & Sunday 0830-1630 for BK and 0900-1700 for BC. (Requires 4 weekends, 2 weekends for BK and 2 weekends for BC.)
  • Classes may be split between any of our locations.

Cancellation – Any cancellation must be made at least 7 days before your class. Less than one week’s notice will result in a rescheduling charge of $150. The $150 rescheduling fee will be charged for any portion of a 2-day course.