Why Belong to Ballena Bay Yacht Club? Why Is This Club Nautique Benefit Special?

●  Being part of a yacht club is fun and it builds community around a common interest—boating, which reinforces both the social and technical dynamics of boating.
●  There are lots of activities—as many or as few as you want to participate in or create.
●  Social events provide dinners, camaraderie and fun.
●  Cruise-outs create experiences to hone and build sailing/boating skills and confidence.Cruise-outs can also help form friendships with members of other clubs.
●  Friday night sailboat races provide the opportunity to test your skills against other racers,have a great bar menu dinner, and share tall tales over a beer.
●  There are new destinations to sail to—through the Pacific Inter-club Yachting Association (PICYA), BBYC opens the opportunity to visit virtually all the yacht clubs in northern California and more, whether by boat or car.
●  Through BBYC’s membership in the Yachting Club of America, you have access to over 700 noteworthy yacht clubs in the continental United States, American Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Alaska.
●  Membership also provides opportunities to go on sail and power adventures with other club members—new friendships and adventure.

What are the Protocols at Ballena Bay Yacht Club?

●  Your membership with BBYC through Club Nautique accords you virtually every membership benefit of a full dues paying member, with four exceptions – you cannot go behind the bar to serve yourself, have a key to the Club, run a bar chit, or vote. However, you can enjoy all activities; use the Club as long as a full, key-holding member is present; and have the benefit of reciprocity with all of the other yacht clubs in northern California and elsewhere that a Ballena Bay Yacht Club membership provides.

●  You will receive a plastic Ballena Bay Yacht Club membership card. ​Please have it with you and​ ​be prepared to show it if asked.​
●  Upon entering Ballena Bay Yacht Club, fill out a “stick on” name tag with your name and the letters “CN” after your name.
●  Feel free to order from the bar. Most bar prices are posted, but the person behind the bar will be pleased to help you. You can pay with cash or credit card.
●  Bar rules are consistent with the laws governing the issuance of the liquor license to BBYC, so must be strictly observed, i.e. no serving of minors and drinking or taking alcohol off the premises.
●  Members can use the facilities for personal gatherings at a very low cost, so long as there is a regular, key-carrying member present.
●  While there may be room at dinner events as a walk-in, it is best to sign up on the electronic invitation you will receive. But you must give us your email to receive notifications of BBYC activities and events. If you have signed up for an event and cannot make it, be sure to cancel via your evite or at social@bbyc.org, or you will be charged. Same for cruise-outs.
●  Pets are permitted on the patio if leashed and well behaved.
●  Normal standards of courtesy and consideration apply.
●  BBYC is an all-volunteer club–weigh in, join a committee, engage. BBYC will love to
have your participation.
●  If you should decide to become a “key carrying” full dues paying member, let us know! We’ll gladly give you an application!

What Are Typical Visiting Protocols With Reciprocal Clubs?

●  Always carry your BBYC membership card. You will have to show it. No card, no entry.
●  If cruising in by boat, call ahead to make sure there is dock space and receive instructions to your dock space. Are there special instructions to follow when entering the marina (no one wants to be a stick in the mud!). You can go to the PICYA website to get yacht club contact information. Determine arrival times and with whom to check-in upon arrival.
●  Ask about club and marina rules: Pets? Events? Protocols? Electrical services? Bath-houses? Parties? Hours? Pump out? Fuel? Power requirement? Payment method for facilities?
●  Observe sound environmental practice consistent with concern for proper waste disposal and discharges from your vessel.

●  Make sure that you know where you are going, how to get there, and the course you have to navigate to enter the marina to avoid shallow waters. A great book for marinas around the Bay and other points to reference is ​Cruising Guide to San Francisco Bay​ by Carolyn and Bob McHaffy. This book gives you the contact information for these marinas and harbors as well as instructions for entering the harbors and marinas.
●  Be sure to fly your BBYC burgee when visiting the reciprocal yacht club.
●  Observe traditional yachting protocols and courtesies, which foster collaborative relations between yacht clubs. Generally, dockside parties must observe Club/marina noise rules and quiet hours. When you cruise in, you are representing Ballena Bay Yacht Club.
●  Sign the guest register when you enter the reciprocal club and fill out and wear a “stick on” badge with your name and BBYC on it.
●  Enjoy yourself! Have fun!