Cruising Yelapa

By Nancy Morrison

We spent two days in Yelapa, which is south across Banderas Bay from La Cruz. There are no cars. Narrow cobblestone roads are used for walking, horseback and some used of small quads.

The main tourist attraction in this village is this beach

There are lots of guest houses and various retreats. Also, private palapas owned by gringos. Walking around the area, especially up the river and back is very picturesque. The beach is very touristy. People come in on boats for the day. But for those who stay for a few days, it looks like there is a nightlife with good food and music.

Looking from the village onto the beach

The main form of transportation in Yelapa is horseback. There are no cars

It didn’t appear that there was a good place to land a dinghy so we used water taxis. But they are scarce after dark so staying on shore for the evening wasn’t an option unless one were to make some sort of prior arrangement.

Yelapa Pier

A view toward Yelapa village and pier

We returned from Yelapa to La Cruz on Thursday morning, December 8, in time for Ted to catch a flight back home.