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We are excited to announce the dates for our next vacation adventure! We’re going to Tahiti! July 4-16, 2015!

These dates offer several advantages:

1. Since July 4 is on a Saturday, Friday is a national holiday, so people have 17 days off by only taking 10 days of vacation. The 3 weekends & holiday add the other 7 days.

2. We get to celebrate two Independence Days: July 4 & July 14, Bastille Day, which is very widely celebrated in Tahiti.

3. There are good connections from both San Jose & San Francisco to LAX, where the Air Tahiti Nui non-stop leaves at 2315, so someone who wants to arrive early, can catch a flight on American from about 1700 – 2000 to LAX. American & Air Tahiti Nui are partners, so American Miles could be used for tickets or upgrades. The Air Tahiti Nui flights arrive in Tahiti around 0500 – 0600, so there’s time to clear customs & have a bite of breakfast before catching the puddle jumper flight to Raiatea (<1 hour) for a mid-morning arrival on Friday. We'll be boarding the boats mid-day on Saturday the 4th, so there's time to shop for provisions on both Friday & Saturday for those so inclined. 4. The group must all board on 7/4/15, but if any bare boaters want to extend beyond 7/16 they can & still have time to get home having only burned 10 days of vacation. 5. 12 days of charter provides ample time for leisurely exploring all 4 islands: Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora & Huahine. Last time we were there, we covered it in 10, but more is always better! 6. Judy & I have been there 3 times & are looking forward to going again, so it remains at the top of our favorite places to visit & should be on every sailor's bucket list. Tahiti is a bit more expensive than some other destinations, mostly because it's so spectacular & there's so much to see, that it shouldn't be attempted in a week. The air travel is also more expensive, but all-in-all, it's a much easier destination for those of us on the West Coast, as we board the non-stop, have a cocktail, go to sleep & wake up in Tahiti. Then it's a short island hop away. In the "for what it's worth" department, on my last flight to Paris, I took a Air Tahiti Nui non-stop from LAX to Paris & it was delightful — great service by beautiful Tahitian flight attendants (both female & male) & a comfortable wide-body airplane. By the way, we're offering a payment plan for those who wish to book a stateroom on the skippered Sunsail 444 cats.

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  1. Tahiti sounds like fun and there’s time to save up for it, but how much do I have to save?
    This was a good teaser, but will there be more details available? 🙂

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