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Name: Waze

Why I like this app: A great example of “crowd sourcing.”


Most of us know about the Google and Apple Maps apps. They are great for trip planning which includes traffic data. If you continue to monitor the traffic as you drive you can see changes in the traffic. These are great apps.

Waze is very similar to both of these app with a couple of exceptions. First of all, Waze is a crowd sourcing app which means that any Waze user can, in real time, enter data about traffic, hazards and lurking police cars so that everyone who has the Waze app running will be alerted. We use this app and it’s great. There are times when the lurking police car has left by the time you get there but that is much better than not knowing they were there.

The app will also tell you how long you will be stuck in traffic and will give you alternate routes if they are available. Another interesting feature is that you can share your route with someone else so that they can track your trip. They will see a map of your route and where you are on that route. It will also tell this person how long it will take to get to your destination.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: Free

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