Name: Maritime Calculator

Why I like this app: This app gives you fairly complicated calculations at your fingertips and very quickly.


This app provides very easy and quick calculations for a number of topics, not all used by everyone. Here is the list by category:


  • Gives Beaufort scale from wind speed
  • Determine True wind given course, speed, direction and speed of relative wind


  • Depths: converts between fathoms, meters and feet
  • Speed: converts between knots, mph, etc.
  • Distance: converts between, nautical miles, kilometers, meters, and statute miles


  • Calculates your Great Circle Route or Mercator Route given your latitude and longitude and your destinations latitude and longitude.


  • calculates your Time to Target and ETA


  • Gives you the sunset and sunrise anywhere in the world

World Time

  • Given a latitude and longitude, it will give you UTC, UTC Date, Local Time, Local Date, Time Zone relative to GMT

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free

Maritime calc 1 Maritime calc 2 Maritime calc 3 Maritime calc 4 Maritime calc 5 Maritime calc 6 Maritime calc 7

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