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Dwight grew up with Club Nautique… literally.

Over the last 35 years, he’s done everything from licking stamps and rigging new boats (as a kid and teenager), to working shows and changing out sails on coastal cruises. He even won a few hula hooping contests at Jamaican Jump-ups! (Kudos if you’ve been a member long enough to remember those!)

Dwight came back to Club Nautique to serve as CIO, EVP and GM after his most recent tour of duty with the Navy. Working first aboard the USS San Francisco (SSN 711) and now in Information Warfare, Dwight is a CPO for a detachment of NIOC Hawaii. He’s what Navy folks call a “Dig it” and he still drills in the Bay Area. If you’re a Vet, he’d love to trade sea-stories.

Spending his whole life on the water, he’s been taking turns at the helm since age eight. As a kid, he raced El Toros, Snipes and Lasers. These days his favorite sailing is aboard the new Jeanneau 349s in the Club’s fleet. Dwight loves the rough stuff and saves his biggest smiles for when foulies are required.

Dwight is currently serving on orders in Maryland, but is still available to members or staff. If you spot him at one of the Club’s feature events like the Bay Buoy Boogie or the American Armed Forces Cup, he’d love to chat with you!